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Hi, I’m Bobby Kegley, copywriter & marketing strategist for coaches, consultants, and course creators.

Bobby Kegley

Marketing Expert Bobby Kegley

I specialize in helping clients build and upgrade funnels – automated marketing systems that attract “never heard of you” strangers and turn them into “take my money please” customers and clients.

"Bobby's basically the secret weapon behind my business… I couldn't even calculate the hundreds of thousands of dollars that have been added to my business since working with him"

Mamoon Yusaf, #1 Best-Selling Author

Here's How To Avoid Being The Next "Funnel Fail"

Ever heard of "Pinterest Fails"?

It's where an amateur with high hopes tries copying something beautiful they saw on Pinterest.

Sometimes it works. But most of the time not so much…

Expectation (pretty cat cake) vs Reality (horrifying cat cake)

Reminds me of my own baking experiences…

The online business equivalent is trying to create marketing that brings in new clients and customers…

…but ending up with a gaudy website packed with clickbait headlines, obnoxious red buttons, countdown timers and cheesy persuasion "hacks". 

(because when you don't have the right message presented in the right way, you have to resort to tricks to get people interested)

The reality is, whether you create effective or ineffective marketing, it requires effort.

But when you create your funnel with the wrong ingredients, you risk wasting a lot of your time, money and energy (not to mention the opportunity cost if you'd used the right ingredients from the start).

That's why I don't recommend you put yourself through a bunch of trial & error just to figure out what works (and potentially winding up with a disaster).

Instead, skip all that and let me hand you a proven "recipe" custom created for your business.


High-Converting Marketing is Much More Than Just The Type of Funnel You Use

One of the most common questions I get asked is "What kind of funnel should I build for my business?"

Unfortunately, it's the wrong question. Because the "format" of your funnel is just one of six key conversion ingredients that go into a successful customer and client generating system (which is really what a funnel is).

And here's the truth most 'funnel experts' neglect to tell you when they're pitching you on chatbots, segmentation, and all the other fancy flavor-of-the-day stuff.

If you don't get the other five ingredients right, it doesn't really matter what funnel you use (yes, even if it has the latest greatest tech).

And because every business and market is unique, there's no "one size fits all" solution anyway.

That's why I've put together a way for you to skip wasting time and money on a funnel doomed to fail — and instead fast forward to a marketing system that brings in leads and customers on-demand.

This Is For You If…

  • You're a Coach who wants to bring in new clients on-demand
  • You're a Course Creator who wants new students signing up for your course week after week
  • You're an Expert or Info Product Creator who wants new sales coming in every day

Note: This is NOT intended for launches or one-off promotions. This is designed for those who want to use social media ads (Facebook/Instagram/YouTube) and an evergreen funnel to consistently bring in new leads and customers into their business.

Create Your Funnel With the Right Ingredients

There's a lot that goes into making a funnel successful. Without the key conversion ingredients, it falls apart.

Here's what you need:

Core Pillars


The Reality Check

We start here to make sure your funnel isn't doomed from the start. It's important to know your benchmarks and do the math. This way you can make sure that the price point and funnel format are aligned to get you the best result possible.


The Demand

You may know your market, but it's important that you're putting your message in front of the best, most responsive segment for this particular offer. Are you targeting the best segment of your market with the highest conversion potential?


The Goods

In most markets these days, your offer must be irresistible to have a chance of scaling with cold traffic. Make sure your offer is setup to entice those who are new to your world.

Scale Pillars


The Idea

The difference between the wrong message and the right one is gigantic. If you say the wrong things or position your offer the wrong way, it will be nearly impossible to make sales. One of the most important parts here is positioning your offer as unique & different than anything else that's out there.


The Map

Having the right funnel format for your offer, message and goals is critical. Choosing the wrong one could mean your funnel just doesn't work economically.


The Beacon

Just like you need the right type of fuel for your vehicle, you need the right people coming into your funnel. Make sure your emails and ads are getting clicks from the right people (not just everyone with a pulse).

And to help you create a funnel with the right mix of all six ingredients, here's what I have for you…

Get Your New Funnel Action Plan

This 90-minute video-conference call is designed to take you from scattered tactics to a crystal clear funnel "recipe" that takes full advantage of all six conversion ingredients.

I'm going to help you use the right conversion ingredients from the start so your funnel comes out ready to convert attention into sales.

Here's what you'll walk away with:

  • Fine-Tuned Marketing Message: Frame the conversation throughout your funnel so it leads the right prospects to naturally want to work with you — without using tricks or being sleazy.
  • On-Brand Design Theme: Leverage your unique brand & personality to make your marketing stand out from the crowd.
  • Success Metrics: Know for certain you're setup for success by understanding your numbers and what to track at each step.
  • Proven Funnel Format: Get crystal clear on the right funnel format for your specific business, offer, and goals (there's no "one size fits all" answer here)

To reserve your Funnel Action Plan Session today, click the button below and complete a short application.

Here's what happens after you apply for your session:

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    I'll review your application within 1-2 business days.
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    If approved, I'll send you a link to schedule your Action Plan session within the next 1-2 weeks. I'll also send you a pre-call document so we can make the most of our time together.
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    We'll have our call and you'll walk away with a clear action plan for creating a high converting funnel.

Important: I put a lot of energy and effort into each session so spaces are naturally limited. Please only apply if you're serious about working with me to have a marketing system that converts. 

Note: If the button below doesn't work, that means all slots are currently full.

Heather Wilson

Heather Wilson

CEO of The Canadian Coach

When I came to Bobby, I was frustrated with my lack of results for my main sales page. I knew we had a solid offer but couldn't articulate it or get in a way that potential members could understand the value. Bobby did extensive research on my audience and needs and suggested not just new language for the sales page but a whole new experience for site visitors. He then wrote and built an amazing sales page and checkout experience. I didn't even know my website could do the functionality he added. To top it off, after just posting one small post on FaceBook, we had 6 new members register almost instantly, and they are still coming. Bobby's help was more than worth every penny I invested, and I wouldn't hesitate to get his help on future projects.

Sean O'Meara

Sean O'Meara

Certified High Performance Coach™

Bobby’s funnel review has already made a HUGE, positive difference in my overall funnel statistics. I was almost able to triple the opt-in rate from a starting 25% up to 71.4%. Marketing feedback can often be either “pie in the sky” or too general to be helpful. The feedback I got from Bobby was neither - it was focused, specific and easy-to-understand as I went about implementing. Just the right combo for me - super grateful and pleased with the funnel review and help from Bobby!

Kim Nishida

Kim Nishida

Director of Marketing

We wanted to increase the opt in and sales conversion of our upcoming program launch. We knew we needed to spend the money to bring the campaign up to date. After working with Bobby, the new pages and order forms looked much more professional. During this launch we saw our highest webinar sales conversions ever! We had WAY more people signing themselves up rather than having to engage with our live chat/sales team. That tells me the ordering process is so much easier, the offer is clear, and we’ve got way less friction than in the past. I credit Bobby’s sales pages and order forms for a lot of this. Hiring Bobby was one of the best decisions we made and we're looking forward to working with him in the future to see how we can improve our conversion even more for our next launch.

Get Your New Funnel Action Plan

Give me 90 minutes and I'll help you come up with the perfect "recipe" for your funnel, from strategy, copy, design and beyond.