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Entrepreneurs & Experts: Want to build an email list and make more sales online, but dread wasting any more time on all that “online marketing stuff”?

If you’re tired of getting a tiny trickle of leads from Facebook ads and you want to grow your list with a consistent flow of new qualified subscribers, then this free tool is for you.

Use this FREE Opt-in Page Grader to spot exactly where your marketing is falling flat. You can use this tool to:

  • Skyrocket your conversions by following the one “Super Rule” behind all successful marketing pages
  • Discover why “scent” is critical, and how to make sure your page has the right kind (if not, you risk scaring away visitors forever)
  • Grab each reader and glue them to the page, so they’re virtually forced to sign up
  • Make sure you have this one crucial section (most pages don’t, leading to low conversions and disappointing list growth)
  • Design your page with these 6 elements proven to convert visitors into subscribers time and time again
  • 2x, 3x or even 5x your conversion rate with this simple yet powerful testing secret coveted by top marketers
  • Use time-tested principles to get your perfect audience signing up in droves, while turning away everyone else
  • Use this “secret sauce” formula to stop visitors in their tracks, get them to read every single word - and convince them that opting is an absolute no-brainer

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About Bobby

Bobby Kegley

Bobby Kegley has crafted high-converting marketing behind the scenes for over 5 years, including 6 and 7-figure evergreen marketing campaigns and product launches. He was recently featured at BucketCon as a “What To Do Right” case study. Today, Bobby specializes in helping online entrepreneurs grow their list profitably and turn subscribers into thrilled customers.

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