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For coaches who want to fast track their results:

Want to Create a Webinar That Works?

Let's plan your perfect webinar so you can attract more qualified leads, book more calls, and make more sales.

It's Time To Get Your Webinar Off the Ground

You've probably heard that webinars are a very effective way to generate quality leads and convert more sales.

In fact, 95% of marketers see webinars as important for their marketing efforts.

But the problem is: 

There's so much to consider when planning your webinar.

- What should you teach?

- What topic should you pick?

- What tech platform should you use?

- How do you set everything up?

- How do you prepare to 'evergreen' it?

The good news is, I help you with all of these questions and more.

Expectation (pretty cat cake) vs Reality (horrifying cat cake)

Now I'm not saying your funnel will end up as the horrifying marketing equivalent of a melted cat face…

…but why take the risk?

Because if you mess up a cake, you only lose out on dessert (and a little bit of your dignity).

But if you build your funnel with the wrong recipe? You risk wasting a ton of time, energy, and money.

And that's why it's a bad idea to go through a bunch of trial & error just to figure out what works. 

Instead, let me take my proven "funnel recipe" and customize it for your specific business.

Get Your New Funnel Action Plan

This 50-minute private one-to-one session is designed to take you from scattered ideas to a crystal clear strategy so your new funnel is ready to generate consistent sales for your business.

You'll walk away with:

  • Fine-Tuned Marketing Message: Frame the conversation throughout your funnel so you strategically lead your prospects to see that buying your offer is their best choice.
  • Success Metrics: Know for certain you're setup for success by understanding your numbers and what to track at each step.
  • Proven Funnel Format: Get crystal clear on which funnel type is right for your specific business, offer, and goals (there's no "one size fits all" answer here)
  • And much more…

This Is For You If…

  • You're a Coach who wants to bring in new clients on-demand, consistently and reliably
  • You're a Course Creator who wants new students enrolling in your courses every single week
  • You're an Expert or Info Product Creator who wants to flood your inbox with "new customer!" notifications

Why Is This Free?

You might be wondering, "what's the catch?"

I partner with my clients to help them grow their business with done-with-you and done-for-you marketing services. In fact, my longest-running client relationship is over 7 years now.

In other words, it's in my best interest to start us off on the right foot.

These calls are my opportunity to prove I can help you — by actually helping you! My goal with this session is to overdeliver and 'wow' you. I want you to walk away with as much clarity and value as possible.

Then at the end of the session you can decide what you want to do.

One option is to say thanks, take the plan we create together and do it all on your own.

Or if it makes sense for both of us, we can talk about what it looks like to continue working together.

So the only "catch" is that if you're interested in getting more support beyond our session, I'll tell you what that could look like. No obligation, and I promise we'll part as friends either way.

Chantel Prince

Online Business Manager

$70,000 in revenue for our business”

We wanted to fill up our event and engage the correct audience. But we weren’t sure who was willing to pay to attend.

After working with Bobby we now know who the right audience is. The best part of working with Bobby was knowing that he always had our back and was willing to adjust his plan to fit what the audience wanted.

Through the event we were able to attract 10 new clients into our programs which means $70,000 in revenue for our business. We’ve also learned new marketing tactics/strategies that will save us tons of time on marketing future events. We absolutely love working with Bobby!

Heather Wilson

Heather Wilson

CEO of The Canadian Coach

Bobby's help was more than worth every penny I invested”

When I came to Bobby, I was frustrated with my lack of results for my main sales page. I knew we had a solid offer but couldn't articulate it or get in a way that potential members could understand the value.

Bobby did extensive research on my audience and needs and suggested not just new language for the sales page but a whole new experience for site visitors. He then wrote and built an amazing sales page and checkout experience. I didn't even know my website could do the functionality he added.

To top it off, after just posting one small post on FaceBook, we had 6 new members register almost instantly, and they are still coming. Bobby's help was more than worth every penny I invested, and I wouldn't hesitate to get his help on future projects.

Sean O'Meara

Sean O'Meara

Certified High Performance Coach™

I was almost able to triple the opt-in rate from a starting 25% up to 71.4%”

Bobby’s funnel review has already made a HUGE, positive difference in my overall funnel statistics. I was almost able to triple the opt-in rate from a starting 25% up to 71.4%. Marketing feedback can often be either “pie in the sky” or too general to be helpful. The feedback I got from Bobby was neither - it was focused, specific and easy-to-understand as I went about implementing. Just the right combo for me - super grateful and pleased with the funnel review and help from Bobby!

Kim Nishida

Kim Nishida

Director of Marketing

“Hiring Bobby was one of the best decisions we made”

We wanted to increase the opt in and sales conversion of our upcoming program launch. We knew we needed to spend the money to bring the campaign up to date. After working with Bobby, the new pages and order forms looked much more professional.

During this launch we saw our highest webinar sales conversions ever! We had WAY more people signing themselves up rather than having to engage with our live chat/sales team. That tells me the ordering process is so much easier, the offer is clear, and we’ve got way less friction than in the past. I credit Bobby’s sales pages and order forms for a lot of this. Hiring Bobby was one of the best decisions we made and we're looking forward to working with him in the future to see how we can improve our conversion even more for our next launch.

Wendy Perrotti

Wendy Perrotti

Co-Creator of Camp Reinvention

I got a product I'm proud to attach my name to and I got it fast and hassle free.”

We had a quiz (that we worked REALLY hard on) that wasn't converting - not to sales, and not even to emails!!!! This was for a new business. Although I've learned to bring in the experts whenever I'm stuck in my existing business - there's still a hesitation to spend $ before the business is bringing in revenue of its own. After working with Bobby, it just confirmed what I already knew. Don't play with stuff you're not an expert in. It's a time suck that loses way more opportunity than it gains by saving the $.

This guy is soooooo focused. He listens, does his homework and then, BOOM - in a flash we had new copy that we really didn't even need to edit. He boiled down our content in a way that made it consumable and he did it in OUR VOICE! I got a product that I'm proud to attach my name to and I got it fast and hassle free.

Susan Epstein

Susan Epstein

CEO of Highly Profitable Practice

“$20,000 of new revenue”

As a result of working with Bobby creating our entire webinar from start to finish, I added $20,000 of new revenue into my business. Bobby is easy to work with, detail oriented and goes above and beyond everything he does. I highly recommend bringing him into your business to create, design and launch your webinars.

Here's what to do right now:

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    You'll walk away with a crystal clear action plan for your own high converting funnel that's ready to generate sales.

Important: I put a significant amount of time and energy into making each session valuable. Which means I can only do a limited number of sessions per week. If you want a session, schedule now to guarantee yourself a spot.

Note: If there are no spots open on the next page, that means all slots are currently filled.

Get Your New Funnel Action Plan

Give me 50 minutes and I'll help you come up with the perfect "recipe" for your funnel, from strategy, copy, design and beyond.